S1 TOPS Merge removes valid lines in burst

Here’s a potential problem with S1 TOPS Merge. It can be replicated as follows:

  1. Download these two products ```
1. Coregister all subswaths and merge them
1. Coregister subswath 2 independently of step 2 above
1. Compare the size of subswath 2 as created in steps 2 and 3 above. 

I'm using the latest git code at the time of writing.


**Edit**: upon comparison (step 4 above), you'll notice the ***valid*** lower part of subswath 2 has been "cut out" by the merge op.

Please note that the dimensions of sub-swaths in TOPS data are not the same. So, you may result in different image sizes depending what you merge. In fact you should get the largest extend in azimuth when merging all three sub-swaths.

Hi Michael,

Thanks for replying. Yes, I agree. I’ll clarify my previous post.