S2 JP2000 precint size

A decision to distribute Sentinel data in JP2000 format is great as it brings several benefits, especially related to streaming data.
However, we did notice that due to some technical decisions there are significant limitations to how one can exploit Sentinel data.

Could one explain to us, why are the JP2 files in the Sentinel2 files encoded with default precinct size, defaulting to the same size as the tile (2048x2048)?

We recommend that the precinct size be tuned to 256x256. The command line option for the Kakadu encoder needs to have 'Cprecincts={256,256}’ added along with the already existing 'Cblk={64,64}’ option.

Would this be possible?

PS: you can find some recomendation on hadling JP2000 on this NATO’s Study:
on page 16 they recommend 128128 or 256256 precint size.

The current products have updated precincts parameters (256 for 10m bands, 128 for 20m, 64 for 60m).