S2/L1C: After last snap update, broken process chain (gpt + xml)

Good morning,

after last snap update my process chain stops to work.

The error appears in form of this message, after each attempt to read(?) a single input L1C file:

[NodeId: ReadOp@sourceProduct] /cleo06/storage/data/ESA/temp/snap/s2tbx/l1c-reader/8.0.5/fd096d7154c6cb3febb56f704b3702ac/aux_ecmwft

more detailed log file attached.
error_stack.log (4.9 KB)

The sequence of operation is (as far as I know, read is integrated in)resample-idepix-convert

the xml/properties file involved are:
resample_s2.xml (569 Bytes)
convert.xml (524 Bytes)
ide_pix.xml (916 Bytes)
ide_pix.properties (262 Bytes)
convert.properties (83 Bytes)

version of snap

Please let me know if you need more information. Thanks in advance for any hint/suggestion

Have a nice day, Mirko.


your SNAP version is probably the one which was provided for testing the Processing Baseline 4.0.0 of Sentinel-2 products, right.
Meanwhile the S2TBX got updates via the official repository to support this data.
I would suggest that you uninstall this version, install the official 8.0.0 version, and then use the plugin manager to update to the latest version.

I will try with this approach, thanks.

Installing again the official version, I fix it.

Then I will re-install the Baseline 4.0.0 version/prototype on another machine. Without update nothing.

Thanks, Mirko

As long you have no special needs, the official version should be fine for testing PB4.0.0.
Installing the 8.1.0-SNAPSHOT version should not be necessary.