S2 MCI Processor does not generate results

Hello, Mr. Marco
I applied the S2 MCI Processor plug-in to the satellite imagery of the L1C, but at the same time I did not show any results. Please guide me.

The work done:

Re-sampling 20 meters (according to nearest neighbor)
Subseting the re-sampling image (study area)
Apply the S2 MCI Processor

Hard to guess what went wrong. It could help if you describe which parameters you used in the “Processing Parameters” tab.

I did not catch?

our colleague @ABraun has meant, which processing parameters did you use?

I just did the same and got results:

Maybe all your data has been masked by the default expression:

B11 < 0.01 && B8 < B4
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Yes, I accepted the mask in the past by default, but in the next step, I left the mask Empty and concluded. Is that right?
I need only the sea to see what kind of mask in the mask expression section should I use?
What are the values of pixels given? Water pixels have all taken negative values.
How do I figure out how much chlorophyll content is?

The MCI is mainly used to detect algal blooms and as it is an index you cannot derive the chlorophyll concentration directly. There might be ways of converting the MCI to concentration values.
Negative values mean that there is no chl concentration or at least only very little.
The default expression is used to mask out the land and compute only over water.
If you are interested in the chlorophyll concentration you might better use a processor like the C2RCC.

I would also suggest to read this paper:
It’s older and for MERIS but still valuable.

thank you sir
The Sentinel 2 processor C2RCC. wants a series of data from the sea for the area in question, including sea salinity data, sea temperature, which unfortunately is not available. Such information from the area, where can we get the data from the area?

For SST data you can look at e.g https://www.ghrsst.org/ and for salinity, you could check this page https://aquarius.oceansciences.org/cgi/gal_salinity.cgi. There are several sources for both. But you can just use some average values which you should know for your study area.

I am really grateful.:pray::pray: