S2 MCI Processor Issue


We’re trying to do some Chlorophyll analysis with some raw S2L1C data.

Using the .SAFE product we’ve downloaded (and successfully analysed with the C2RCC Processor), we’ve had no luck getting ANY values back from the S2 MCI Processor.

These are the steps we’ve followed:

  1. Opened the original .SAFE product via it’s MTD_MSIL1C.xml file
  2. Resampled it to 10m (r 20m or 60m, no diff)
  3. Subsetted it to a specific area (and done without subsetting)
  4. Masked a specific polygon (and without masking)
  5. Run the S2 MCI Processor with the S2MCI L1C MCI preset.

It produces a new product, and we can see the that there are two bands generated, MCI (705nm) and MCI_slope, however opening the image view displays an empty image, the histogram values range from 0 to 4.9-E324 and there are no actual values for any pixels.

Any insights as to what we may be doing wrong would be greatly appreciated.

can you tell which of these steps resulted in an empty product?

The very last step - running the S2 MCI Processor. We’re quite familiar with using snap, and are trying to see the output from the S2 MCI Processor.

As a followup, I was able to get an image and data values using a L2A product (created from the L1C with Sen2Cor280).