S2 Product Readers only showing parts of the scene

I am a bit confused by the different S2 Reader available for different UTM Projections. I assumed that all readers would visualize the complete scene in the selected projection, but instead, only a fraction of the scene is visible. To find a reader that is appropriate, I would have to trial-and-error, I guess.

QUESTION: Is that a wanted behaviour or a bug?

FEATURE REQUEST: I would like to always see all data. Or include a checkbox for that option.

For example using the following product:

SNAP offers Readers for 3 different UTM zones, here are the scene extents that will be shown to the user:


For products over several UTM zones, you have to select the zone you want to visualise, it is not possible to open all zones at the same time.
Implementing this in the reader would imply a re-projection that changes the image and could take a long time to process so it might not be the right place to to it, but you can try to re-project the parts of product and merge them into one product using SNAP.

Thanks for the quick response. I am quite sure that on-the-fly-reprojection would be technical possible. For example, I can visualize the products JP2 files for all UTM zones in QGIS without problems, would be nice if SNAP could handle this as well.

@ developer team: Will this be implemented in a future release of SNAP/Snappy?