S2a Acquisition Prediction

I don’t suppose there is any plans for adding a tool that lets you predict S2a satellite overpass in the toolbox?

Something similar to the Landsat 8 Acquisition Calendar


Hi Conor,

A weekly KML for the forthcoming Acquistion Period is available here:


This can be run in GE at the same time as the Tiling Grid KML:


Enabling a visualisation of the coincidence of overpass with your AOI.



S2 MPC Operations Manager

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Thanks Jan,

I’m trying to match a survey in July with an overpass. Using those kmls i can see that the strip ID is 4267-2, tile Id is 29UPV and one date was 16-04-2016

If I increment that by 10 day periods will I reliably be able to predict the July dates or is there something else i am not considering.

You can check how consistently your granule was covered until now and “extrapolate” that to July. Looks like you’re lucky, because there is more than one orbit covering 29UPV.

E.g. for March, there were these:


Probably some are only slivers at the edge of a scene.

Brilliant, thanks for the help.

A simple tool like the L8 Acquisition Calendar would be very useful.

A bit old question, but anyone browsing can find a potential solution in my answer in another topic here:

You can also get the Acquistion Plan through the ‘normal’ channels.
This has been the case since 2015.




Absolutely. This tool only parses these plans to quickly get information about acquisitions for AOI in a similar way to Landsat calendar which was the original question.