S2A product availability

Dear all, thank you very much for all you do.
I think it is a great time for researchers to have open access
for such amount data. My question is about when all Sentinel 2A
data will be available on the sentinel data hub. Previously introduced
time mid-October has gone.
Thanks in advance for any information.

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I have the same problem.
If you check for image on sentinel data hub just shown sentinel-1A data.
Someone could help to download S2A image??


Type MSI to search for S2A data. Currently 11 sentinel-2 data sets are online.

At this time there´s only sample data. When the commissioning phase its over they will upload Sentinel 2A data…it was predicted for 15th of October but I think they postponed.


Thanks for replied, I understand it is very complex process, but suppose they might publish more accurate time when access for all products will be open.

Is there any news regarding the availability of S2 data?

The plan of the mission ramp-up is provided in the following webpage:

As per plan above, the opening of the data access will happen on week 45/46 (to be confirmed):
IOCR + tbc 2-3 weeks:

  • Implementation of IOCR Board recommendations
  • Release of Level-1 pre-qualified products with improved bit quantisation
  • Start of gradual data provision of pre-qualified Level 1 to all users

The plan above will be updated if necessary during ramp-up.

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Is there any update on the availability date?
Week 45/46 passed already…

Hi all, any news? Does anyone know where I could download S2 data previously available?

The data is now available : https://sentinel.esa.int/web/sentinel/news/-/asset_publisher/xR9e/content/sentinel-2a-products-available-in-the-data-hub

The pre-operational : https://scihub.copernicus.eu/s2/#/home