[S2MPC] SNAP filling up /home partition

Dear all,

This issue occured in the MPC-CC and was raised within the JIRA-OPS ticket database, reference: S2 OPS / OPS-837.

Description: The /home partition of machine mpccws2 is currently 100% full. It seems to be caused by SNAP creating a huge /home/s2conf/.snap hidden directory (mind the dot in “.snap”), currently
3.2 GB.

I have proposed what follows temporarily:
Please replace the .snap folder in the home directory by a link to .snap folder somewhere else but in the home directory.

And on SNAP team side (your side):
I transfer the issue to the SNAP team to make it configurable when installed.



This is due to the S2 MSI Reader cache under .snap. It can be configured from the performance configuration (menu tools/option then Performance). Location of this “.snap” folder can be changed from the snap.conf configuration file in the etc folder of the installation directory of SNAP. By default it is set to {HOME}.snap.