s2tbx command line documentation

I’d like to perform some s2tbx functions on a command line only Ubuntu system.

I am able to generate L2A via command line with sen2cor but I’d like to convert 10m imagery to 4 band GeoTIFF.

Is there any documentation to help with this?

I have install s2tbx and snap-engine from source on the machine but where are the docs?

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Help about SNAP Graph Processing Framework (GPF) can be accessed from SNAP-Desktop. From the sources, you can still acess help by downloading SNAP-Desktop and opening html files in snap-gpf-ui/src/main/resources/org/esa/snap/core/gpf/docs/gpf, like GpfOverview.html or GraphProcessingTool.html

For your example, you should open the image (org_esa_snap_gpf_operators_standard_ReadOp.html), subset it (org_esa_snap_gpf_operators_standard_SubsetOp.html) and then write the product to GeoTiff (org_esa_snap_gpf_operators_standard_WriteOp.html)

Also, the following topic is related: How to use Read operator with S2 L1C data?