S3 OLCI - Recreating the L2 products processing

I am familiar with both S3 L1 and L2 water products being publicly available online. I want to do the same processing from L1 to L2 water products being done, that is, I wanted to arrive as close as possible (if not exactly similar) to the public L2 water products.

My question is, can the software SNAP with the s3tbx do this with the publicly available L1 products? Pardon me for this, but I asked this because I am having trouble understanding even the documentation (both online and the pdfs) provided. The best scenario is if someone can share to me an easier-to-understand documentation (step by step if possible) on how to the L2 processing with SNAP functions. If there is no such thing, then I don’t mind if you just answer my question.

there is no L2 processor available which is doing exactly the same which is done in the ground segment.
Only the C2RCC processor (actually only its neural nets) is used in the water part of the ground segment and is also available in SNAP. But it is hardly possible to create the same results, because the inputs to the nets are differently prepared.

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Thank you for the response.


What is the difference between L2 and C2RCC processed aquatic products? Could you please elaborate on that?

The L2 CHL_NN or TSM-NN and C2RCC in-water products should be very similar, since they used the same NN approach, but L2 standard (OC4ME) and C2RCC are two different algorithms:


Concerning reflectances (rhow or Rrs), the L2 and C2RCC results are different.

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Thanks for sharing this post did you get the answer or not ? i am curious to know.