S3 projection from S2 coordinates

Hello everyone!
I’m trying to cut only the overlapping part of a Sentinel 3 product with a Sentinel 2. The function i’ve defined for this is the following:

def reproject(products3, products2, resampling): #crs value must be string

  • parameters = HashMap()*
  • parameters.put(‘crs’,products2.getSceneCRS().toString())*
  • parameters.put(‘pixelSizeX’, 300.0)*
  • parameters.put(‘pixelSizeY’, 300.0)*
  • parameters.put(‘width’, 366)*
  • parameters.put(‘height’, 366)*
  • parameters.put(‘resampling’, resampling)*
  • parameters.put(‘orthorectify’, ‘false’)*
  • parameters.put(‘noDataValue’, -32768.0)*
  • parameters.put(‘includeTiePointGrids’, ‘true’)*
  • parameters.put(‘addDeltaBands’, ‘false’)*
  • reproj = GPF.createProduct(‘Reproject’, parameters, products3)*
  • return reproj*

But the image I obtain is full of noDataValue. I think I might have to make some change of coordinates but i’m not sure if that’s the problem or how to solve it. Can anyone help me, please? Also, I’ve started to use Snappy from not long ago, please tell me if I’m doing something wrong! Thanks.