S3 SLSTR L2 Reproject wrong bounding box in SNAP, stuck as gpt

I have a problem with reprojecting S3 SLSTR L2 WST (to geographic lat/lon EPSG:4326)
in SNAP it runs and gives a result but the bounding box is to small and cuts off data.

This is shown in the attached picture. The scene shown above is here(S3A_SL_2_WST____20181125T232635_20181125T232935_20181126T003329_0179_038_230_0180_MAR_O_NR_003_sub.nc (179.0 KB)
) and is a subset of S3A_SL_2_WST____20181125T232635_20181125T232935_20181126T003329_0179_038_230_0180_MAR_O_NR_003.SEN3
The same happens for the full scene as well.

Running as gpt the process stucks after reading the input and creating the ouput file and filling with some metadata.
This is the gpt command:
gpt Reproject -Pcrs=“EPSG:4326” -e -Ssource=“3A_SL_2_WST____20181125T232635_20181125T232935_20181126T003329_0179_038_230_0180_MAR_O_NR_003_sub.nc”

Can anybody help?


Hi Hajo,

Have you enabled the pixel-based GeoCoding? This happend in version 5.x but should have been fixed in version 6. Maybe you can switch in the SNAP settings to the tie-point GeoCoding for SLSTR and check if this problem persists.