S3 SLSTR - Level 2 LST - problem visualizing cloud bands


We are facing an issue while trying to visualize the probability_cloud_single_in band, at the LST product, in SNAP (version 9).
When clicking on it to open it, it seems to be empty, while the same band of the WST product, contains information.

What would the reason why this band has no data?

Below an image for reference

Thank you

Maybe @TomBlock could help you.

Dear Georgia,

first of all: it is not a bug in SNAP, the variables in the NetCDF file also contain only fillValue.

We are investigating this with the S3 Mission Performance Center. Our (BC) assumption is:

  • the variables belong to the probabilistic cloud detection algorithm
  • this cloud detection only operates over water, hence they contain fillValue in a Land Surface Temperature product.
  • this might be an error in the IPF L2 processing, we think the variables are not belonging to the LST product - to be confirmed.

So the message to you: you do not need these variables. They do not contain valuable information over land.



Short update: our findings were confirmed by S3 MPC.


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