S3TBX - Forel–Ule color classification


I would like to process MODIS and Sentinel-3 data (coastal waters of the Indo-Pacific region) using the Forel–Ule color classification implemented in the S3TBX. I was wondering what Sentinel and MODIS data products are supported by this tool? I suppose the OLCI Level-2 water products for Sentinel 3, but what Modis product should I use as an input for the FU classification ?

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The processor has been extended for MODIS in the SNAP 6 preview. Maybe you want to try this one.
Now it supports also the MODIS-500 (M[O|Y]D09) data. Before it was only MODIS (1km LAC OC).
For Sentinel-3 OLCI the Level2 water products are needed as you have already supposed.
Also, Sentinel-2 MSI L1C data is now supported.


Hi. Thanks and sorry for the delayed answer.

I will try using the MODIS-500 MYD09 data. However, I am wondering if the atmospheric correction of the MYD09 product (originally developed for land applications) will be appropriate for coastal applications ? Is there a documentation somewhere available on the best way to use the Forel-Ule classification processor ?

Also, I have tried using the Graph builder to process a Sentinel-3 OLCI Level2 water into a FU-scale sentinel image, but I have the following error message. Does that mean that the FU Classification processor cannot be used with the graph builder

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Unfortunately, the FU Classification is not usable in the Graph Builder, But you can save the graph disk, modify it and use it with gpt on the commandline
Regarding the documentation. There are some papers referenced in the user manual.
In addition there is also this paper: Hue-Angle Product for Low to Medium Spatial Resolution Optical Satellite Sensors (http://dx.doi.org/10.3390/rs10020180)


Hi Marco and thanks for your answer. I will have a look at the papers you mentioned.
However, when I try to save the graph I have the following error:

"unable to write graph to C:\Users.snap\graphs\User Graphs\Forel_Ule.xml.
FUClassification BAseOperatorUI: no converter found for parameter SOURCE_PRODUCT

I have a similar error when I try to display the graph xml

Am I doing something wrong?


Oh, I didn’t know that also the storing the graph to a file does not work.
In upcoming version of SNAP, also these Operators shall work with the Graph Builder.

I made a graph file for you. In the header of the file you can find an example how it can be called from the command line with gpt. fuGraph.xml (1.8 KB)

Also these two guides might be helpful for you if you want to process multiple files.


Thanks a lot ! I will have a look at this asap and get back in touch if I have any question in relation to the processing of multiple files.
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Hi Marco,

I have tried using the FU processor with one MODIS 500m data (MYD09GA) but I got the following error message
Am I using the right MODIS product ?



Hi Marco,
I have questions in relation to the graph file you created for me (thanks again!).

  1. What crs have you defined in the reproject operator ? I would like if possible to reproject into UTM WGS 84.
    And do you I need to define the other parameters :
  1. I would like to export the FU outputs into Geotiff format so I can open them in a GIS software. Is it possible to keep only the FU band (using resample ?) and then to export into geotiff ?

  2. I still haven’t managed to use MODIS 500m data (MYD09GA) data with the FU tool in SNAP (see message above). Any idea of what I doing wrong ?

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