SAOCOM SLC merge burst

Good morning,

I use SAOCOM Image in SLC format (quad pol) in TopSARnarrrow acquisition mode.
I have 5 swath (S1, S6, S7, S8, S9) with complex data for each polarization (HH,VV, VH, HV) and I would like to “merge” them as the tool TOPS Merge propose it for Sentinel-1 SLC images in order to obtain only one swath for all the image and make after classic polarimetric extraction on my study area.

Unfortunatly, this tool (TOPS merge) only works for Sentinel-1 data, do you know if their is a tool in Snap that permits to do it with SAOCOM SLC image ?

I have tried with PolsarPro to process the image with no problem (the .xemt) works well but open only open swath individually…and do not propose any possibility to geocode SAOCOM data in link with SNAP.

Thanks for your help,