SAR Handbook for forest monitoring

I just came across a new SAR handbook for forest monitoring and biomass estimation.
I guess it can answer several questions which have been asked in this forum in the past.


very impressive materials and indeed lots of points to refer to in the discussions in here. Thank you for the hint!

Thank you so much for this share.
I’m trying to take some of the pratical exercises, but unfortunately just starting wiht the first one, at Apendix A of chapter 2 (2.1), I just can’t acess the datasets from copernicus hub
Relating to an image from April 17, 2015: S1A_IW_GRDH_1SSV_20150417T001852_20150417T001921_005516_0070C1_17AA
and second from April 29, 2015: S1A_IW_GRDH_1SDV_20150429T001909_20150429T001934_005691_0074DC_B016
because they are offline.
Do you know why this happen? Or is there away to get those dataset?

Thank you

This happens as apparently they started doing that some months back after notifying the users (rarely anybody reads that), putting offline “old data” following their rules …(which I am not aware of)
Once you try to download them, you trigger a process in which after “sometime” (from hours to days) the requested image becomes available for download (not sure if temporally). It is important to highlight that:

  1. you get no notification on when the requested data becomes available (so you should keep checking it every now and then)
  2. you can only request the download of one offline data one data at a time, so no multiple requests.

Good luck with the data you select!

Btw, thanks @marpet for the handbook!

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Thank you mdelgado!
Well this caught me by surprise. I thought the Sentinel products were always available for users. I’m just getting started on SAR and this would be specially hepfull.
EDIT: Just found a solution.
Go to this website:
Then for the search terms, just step in the GRANULE box, and copy: 1A_IW_GRDH_1SDV_20150429T001909_20150429T001934_005691_0074DC_B016. Et voilá!

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Well, you can also use peps from CNES.
There are several options, but the one I have mentioned was directly responding to your question above.

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Thank you for great book!

Anyway, I am more focused on agriculture. Do you thing there is some alternative book more focused on this sector?

For example, I am thinking if Forest stand height is aplicable on agriculture plants.

Thank you!