SAR in detecting groundwater

Can I use SAR images for detecting groundwater and groundwater polution? If someone did that before can he or she give me some tips or help?
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Unfortunately, this is practically impossible at the moment. If you are interested in moving in this direction, I recommend to look throw the theoretical foundations of ground penetrating radar. Despite the fact that sensing is usually performed from the ground surface, researchers face a huge number of limitations of the method.
In addition, the reliability of GPR data without reference boreholes is extremely weak.
For example:

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Thank you very much, I know about GPR or georadar I stud geophysics, but I want to try to detect a groundwater with satelite but from your replay I see that is very hard or impossible.

At least you can use satellite information to narrow down the presence of groundwater:

Have you looked at the AHP method for potential groundwater detection?