SAR Interferometry

I tried to perform displacement map using this tutorial video (
At 44.10 she copies commandline in the terminal window. I need to know how to get into the terminal window in the windows platfrom.

Kindly clarify. Please.

there are many ways:

My preferred one is to hold down shift and right-click. This only works if no file is selected.

I need a terminal window in the snap software to type the command.
Kindly see the video

This only looks like it is in SNAP. It is simply the Windows command line or in later versions the Windows Power Shell. It is not related to SNAP.

It seems to be a window inside snap. Windows command prompt line doesnt hold the menus which are in the particular window shown in the video.

yes, because this is the terminal of the Linux virtual machine.
Please believe me, the Windows command line is fully able to call snaphu.exe from any location as long as you downloaded it from here and added its location to your path (described here

Thank you sir. Will try it and let you know.

In the start menu you find an entry to invoke the command line:
You can pin it to the start menu if you like.

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I didn’t know this, to be honest. Is it somehow different to the standard shell of the operating system (besides including the path to gpt)?

No, it is the same. It only has some description for the possible commands.