SAR Mosaic by Batch Processing

Is there anyway to use “Batch Processing” for the SAR Mosaicking? I have a large dataset where two sections that need to be mosaicked have the same name except the last digit. Can the software recognize the corresponding images for mosaicking!




there is a “find image pair” module in the graph builder which might be useful for this:

I guess you basically create a graph for all first scenes and use the module to find the corresponding pair for each loop of the graph in batch mode.


Thanks ABraun, and do you know how to do SAR Mosaic by python?

you’ll find answers in this sub-forum:

did it work?

ABraun, thanks for the reply! I have tried both these two graph builders to understand how this image pair works. But for both cases, I have received the same error “No image pair found in the dataset”! Probably the way I use it is not correct, any idea how to fix it?


I would reduce ‘max days apart’ to 5 or something like this

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you can use “ProductSet-Reader” to read two data each time, and then update the input data names for “ProductSet-Reader” using looping in python API of SNAP.