SAR mosaic - how to remove slant vertical stripes where scenes are stitched?

Dear all,

I downloaded 66 S1 GRDH scenes and want to mosaic those.
Before mosaicing I did
-> apply orbit file -> S-1 Remove GRD Border Noise ->
Radiometric calibration -> S-1 Slice assembly -> Radiometric
Terrain Flattening -> Geometric Terrain Correction -> SAR mosaic

Now one can see in the screenshot without weighted average of overlap (left) and with weighted average of overlap (right). I do not want to normalize because this messes up values in the final large mosaic.

Anyone has an idea how to work on this?

Best regards, Esther

perhaps you need to deburst the images

Thank you Ben!

For me as a new SAR user, another interesting new working step. But is it correct to deburst GRD products? As far as I understand, this working step has been already conducted in provided scenes:
‘For GRD products, the bursts are concatenated and sub-swaths are
merged to form one image. Bursts overlap minimally in azimuth and
sub-swaths overlap minimally in range. Bursts for all beams have been
resampled to a common grid during azimuth post-processing.’#
‘The input to the operator is the Sentinel-1 TOPSAR IW or EW SLC

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