SAR product

Hello. I have a quastion. I use SNAP software. I open Sentinel 1 image and when I try to do some analysis it has problem that say “input should be SAR product”. Why this problem happen?

How are you opening the Sentinel-1 product? Are you opening the GeoTiffs? You should be selecting the zip or file.

Oh yes. It has worked. Thank you very much

And I have another question. I try to “Land: Crop type mapping”. In the youtube video they use .dim file. I enter zip file, it is .SAFE file. How can I change it to .dim file

any product which is processed in SNAP is stored as a DIM. So after your first step, e.g. Calibration or subsetting, your data is automatically stored in BEAM DIMAP format. But it is totally fine if you start with the original data (.zip or

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