SAR speckle filter which preserves the structural information in the image

Hi all,

I have ALOS PALSAR Level 1.1 Fine beam dual polarised images processed in ENVI - SARScape and Sentinel Toolbox. I used Multi-temporal De Grandi filter in SARscape and tried all the available speckle filters in STBX. I am looking for a filter that matches the crispness of the De Grandi filter and that preserves the spatial resolution and structures in the image. The processed images look like below. The upper image is from SARScape and the lower image is from Sentinel toolbox - Lee filter - Window size 3.

As we can see, the structures are clearly visible in the upper image when compared to the lower image. Is there any speckle filter in sentinel toolbox from which I can get an image with structures well preserved?

Thanks a million!

Refine Lee or Gamma MAP filtering should be better than plain Lee filtering. Also, IDAN is apparently not too bad (never tried it, though). Multi-temporal versions should be better still, but would not work with a single image. For a fairer comparison, you should try to create similar contrast for both results.

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Thank you!