SAR Surface Deformation Modelling

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Just a quick question, I am currently using Sentinel 1 and TerraSAR X data for monitoring deformation changes in Dublin port, Ireland. I understand the process of modelling deformation using SAR data (phase difference between the two acquisitions etc.) In the case of the Sentinel 1 data I am using it is SLC with sensor mode IW meaning the pixel size is 10 meters.
If the pixel size is 10m which part of the pixel is used to calculate the change is it a single point or the entire pixel. For example if one side of the pixel raises by 1m and the other side drops by the same amount does this mean it would show no change . Just looking for some help clarifying this, any help at all would be appreciated.

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The phase of the 10m pixel is the coherent sum of all the sub-pixel scatterers in the resolution-cell. In other words, the phase is complicated and it is considered considered to be random (but deterministic) in most cases. AFAIK there’s no answer to your question, it all depends on the complex sub-pixel scatterer configuration and how their phases interfere.

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Thank you very much for the help much appreciated and apologies for the very delayed reply.