Satellite azimuth heading angle for ERS

How can i get the azimuth heading angle for a ERS scene? i require the actual value in degree. is there a way to find this out in snap?
Also for sentinel 1 as well, as i dont understand what the value i see in metadata means for satellite heading
thanks in advance

I am not sure what the exact definition of azimuth heading angle is but it should be closely related to the ERS orbit inclination which is 98.5 degrees.

edit: …so the heading is 8.5 degrees off true north. This with the correct sign could be the azimuth heading angle I think. If it is related to the ground-track it is a bit more complicated since the rotation of the Earth has to be taken into account.


thanks a lot.i actually meant azimuth of satellite heading. sorry for that.
however, is it constant for every scene ? as i read in another thread that the satellite goes west at higher latitudes

The orbit inclination is constant over the whole orbit. You need to find the definition for “azimuth satellite heading” and see what the exact definition is (heading with respect to what).