Save data as .img

I need to know if I can save a matrix (array)

as Disc Image File (.img)


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This is not possible with SNAP/snappy.
However, are you sure that you want to write this format its used by some virtual drive software or do you actually mean (ISO image)? For both, it makes not much sense to store a data array in it.

Yes think this is the best way to store my results in it, as SNAP do.

You get these *.img files when you save your data as BEAM-DIMAP format. Then they are stored in the *.data folder.
Also, you can directly store products directly in ENVI format. Then you will get a .img/.hdr couple.

The files are explained here: and here

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Technically, the format used by SNAP already contains .img. You have a .dim file which is a xml file containing metadata, and you have de .data folder with all raw data in it in matrix form as .img with associated .hdr