SAVI computation

How does SNAP computes SAVI without atmospheric correction? The SAVI values are legitimate, I mean between the -1 and 1 range, which is rather intriguing …

The algorithm is described in the help.
Click the processor GUI menu on Help -> Help to get there.

I tried calculating SAVI index using the definition formula:
(1+L) (NIR-RED)/(NIR+RED+L) , L= 0.5 (moderate vegetation cover)
Which equals with sentinel 2 bands to:
The range of values normally varies between -1 and 1, but I got values higher than 1.
Couldn’t find out what’s the problem, my images are cloud free, I tried various values of L but always get the same problem.
Could anyone help here?

Hello @Anabelle,

Can you specify the product name?