SBAS_snap2stamps bug reports + solutions for Ubuntu 20.04

Hello snap users all around the world.

I am performing SBAS interfermotry on a slow moving landslide. When I was using SBAS_snap2stamps to prepare data for Stamps, I encountered two errors/bugs that I was able to fix. The following is an abstract of the bugs and the solutions that allowed me to walk around them:

Bug n1 = " NullPointerException" when launching “”.

Solution = This bug is caused by a compatibility problem between the “sbas_topsar_coreg.xml” graph and snap.8.0.3 gpt, when the software reaches ESD step. The solution was to rebuild the graph from scratch. (Find attached the rebuilt graph). (16.4 KB) sbas_topsar_coreg.xml (3.4 KB)

Bug n2 = " [ImportError: No module named gdal" when launching ""m despite gdal being installed.

Solution = The solution to this problem turned out to be fairly simple. You simply have to replace lines 17, 18 and 19 by “from osgeo import gdal”, “from osgeo import ogr” and “from osgeo import osr” respectively, since the location for module is different in gdal 3.3.0. (Find attached the modified file)

Once again thank you very much @dongyusen for the amazing script. I hope you take these bugs into consideration for possible future releases.

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