SCL file derived from S2-L2A

I am working with the SCL images from S2-L2a product (tile 31SDB - 221102) that I have downloaded from AWS server.

The RGB image is at the left and the clasification map from SCL file is at the right. According to the RGB image, the polygon is under a cloud. However, it belongs to not vegetated class according to the classification map. I have read about certain inaccuracies from classificaction file. In this example, I would like to understand if it is an error, or if it would be a correct classification in not vegetated class.

Thanks in advance.

It appears to be a misclassification, it should have been marked as one of the cloud classes, and not as not_vegetated.

UTM tile 31SDB appears to be entirely sea

Hi @kraftek,
Yes, that is my doubt. I do not know if it is an especific mistake or if it would be a mistake between threshold class. Do you know if there is any updated documentation about SCL classification product? I would like to understand it.

Hi @gbrelstaff,
According to the tiling grid IDs for Sentinel 2, the tile 31SDB is a mix between land and sea and my area is on land. Attach image:

Oh you meant 31SBD