Seeking information to staying ahead of breaking updates


In November/December 2023 some major updates were made to SNAP that temporarily incapacitated our systems. Turns out updating the docker container with the newest SNAP version was all it took. Problem was promptly fixed and we were back up running in no time.

Now I’d like to get ahead of these things way before they happen. So I have been looking for mailing lists/newsletter signups on all the ESA/Copernicus websites and I can’t find anything besides this news feed here: Maintenance News - Sentinel Online

Are you aware of anyway I can sign up to receieve alerts on this? What do you guys do stay ahead of these systems upgrades?

I apologize if I posted it in the wrong forum. I did not find a better one and since this was a major painpoint related to our dockers running SNAP I thought I’d sneak it in here :wink:

Thank you for your time.