Segmentation fault core dumped

Dear all,
I want to ask for help, when i run the mt_prep_snap in my VM I got the following errors. "segmentation fault (core dumped). the version of my Ubuntu is 20.04 and de version of gcc is 9.3.0. My computer have 32 GO for the RAM and you will see below the specification of my VM.

Did you see and check all of these recommendations?

oh yes, i did it. I have a advanced version of gcc(9.3.0).

Dear all,
I am waiting an idea from you to solve my problem, can you give me some advices. thank you

really I dont’ know where is the fault, I did the change you gave me yesterday but the problem is still remain . yesterday I processed my data in snap one more time i did a new export from snap to stamps but the same problem.
i hope that you can see what i can not see. thank you a lot.

I have had the error myself and found the solution: Segmentation Fault (core dumped) error during mt_prep_snap