Sen2cor 2.10 Error


The atmospheric correction is competed using Sen2COR, i selected 10m resolution. I tried to save as the output or even one band in Tiff format to can open it in arc and check the final resolution of the output, but I got this error.

Is this mean i need to resample the output to 10 m.

Thank you so much


Yes, you need to resample before.

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Thank you so much Peter, if I resampled after applying Sen2cor , there will be different in results?

A bit but if you use nearest neighbour resampling you introduce no new artificial values as with interpolating resampling, like bilinear interpolation.
However, the difference should be small in both cases.

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Switching to a format with more complete metadata support and capable of handling bands with different resolutions such as netcdf4-cf may be easier than resampling, and will use less storage space.

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Hello Peter,

Is this mean, it is better to change neighbour resampling method to bilinear?

thank you so much

Thank you so much.

Sorry, this I can’t tell you. You have to decide on your own. This depends on the application.
Try both and select what works better for you.

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Thank you so much Peter.

Hi Peter

I resampled the image first as you recommended me but Sen2cor did not work for the resampled image.

So i applied Sen2Cor first then i resampled the image and it worked well.
I have three questions 1- Do i need to resample the image after run Sen2cor or not? 2- if we need to resample it , so in sen2cor process , i already select 10 m resolution, this resolution mean what? 3- How to check the resolution of the sen2cor outputs to make sure that all bands are 10 m?

Thank you so much


Oh, sorry my answer was misleading. I only looked at the error message when replying and haven’t noticed that it is about processing with sen2cor.

Regarding you question:

  1. This depends on what you want to do afterwards. But in most cases, it is easier to work with a resampled product.
  2. Sen2cor does not provide resampled outputdata. What the resolution argument means is well explained here: Sen2Cor output resolution - #6 by bdpg
  3. Sen2cor outputs are all at 10m if you provide the --resolution 10 argument. Nut then you only have the 4 bands which are already in the L1C at 10m resolution.