Sen2cor 280 processing problem


I want to process Sentinel 2 data and I want to process using L1C data and convert it to L2A via Sen2Cor 280. However, after the Sen2cor 280 is successfully installed, the data cannot be processed. After I clicked “Run” button, there was a small window (which I believe a starting tool window for the processing loading) popped up but then the window disappeared in a blink of an eye. The data was not processed. What could be the problem?

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Take a look at this post,

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How to install and implement sen2cor version 2.08 please take a look the following thread,

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As I mentioned sen2cor has problem of implementing directly from SNAP, Nevertheless, you could implement it from the command shell,

Take a look at the following post,

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to call sen2cor from the command line, first thing you need to add the sen2cor to your path, please have a look at the following post, How to add up sen2cor to the path,

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After adding up sen2cor to your path, typing the following statement in your console

L2A_Process.bat --help

Should gives you the following result,

Also here is an example of call and implement sen2cor from the console, Navigate to the directory, where the granular is existed and then, implement L2A_ Process as below


The problem for running sen2cor 2.8 from SNAP should be fixed with the latest module update sen2cor280 v6.0.1, please, tell me if you have still problems to execute it.

Thank you for the reply…! I guess the new version of sen2cor 280 can be executed in SNAP… =)

Yes you are right… the v6.0.1 can be executed in SNAP… thanks a bunch! =)

I already have mentioned this issue in the following post,

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Hello! I’m facing a similar issue with the Sen2Cor. It still appears to blink when I hit Run. Can you please help me? Thank you!