Sen2Cor 64 Windows

I’m trying to use Sen2Cor for correcting Sentinel 2 image but got this error:

please follow these instructions: Sen2cor 2.4.0 on SNAP 6.0

I could run Sen2Cor but as you can see there is a difference worsening the image resolution is this correct

why could this be happening? Even if the corrected image is brighter and colors are stronger the resolution is worse… look specifically at the urban areas…
Thanks !
Could be thanks since there are different resolutions for different bands Sen2Cor should be applied per band defining the parameter of resolution accordingly??
Thanks again!

have you processed S2 at all resolutions?

The contrast may be subject to the new histogram. Make sure you scale both RGB images against the same color range (use the color manipulation tab and specify the same min and max values to compare.

I used the value option 60 for resolution parameter then bands of 10 meters were corrected at worsen resolution, but now I’m running for the parameter resolution the value “ALL” expecting all each corrected band will keep its original resolution…