Sen2Cor Anaconda install error - Solved

Dear all

I tried installing the sen2cor 2.4.0 using command prompt using the syntax python install.
The installation was initiated but not complete I placed the snapshot of the error below

; ;

I have installed Conda version 4.3.14 and Anaconda-2 4.3.1

I appreciate any help to solve this error.


Hi Vijay,

a small bug with a big impact. During development of the stand alone installers the (empty) file in the folder sen2cor-2.4.0\sen2cor was removed as it affected the installation via the stand alone installer. However, in the Anaconda Version it seems to be essential. Copy the (empty) file from e.g. the cfg folder back into the sen2cor directory and restart with python install from the top level directory (sen2cor-2.4.0). After that, the installation shall run through. However, due to numerous other issues with anaconda we recommend the installation of the stand alone installer, as you might have already noticed. Tomorrow we will update the Anaconda installation with the fix. Sorry for the trouble.
Cheers, Uwe

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Thanks Uwe
I try the suggestion and post results.

The problem solved. The Installation was successful. Thanks Uwe