Sen2Cor atmospheric correction

I tried atmospheric correcction by the option of sen2cor but in result box some error are come

Index error: list index out of range

as you are using sen2cor version 2.4: A later one was released in the meanwhile. I cannot guarantee that it fixes your problem but it is always a good idea to run the latest version. I made a short tutorial on how to have a clean installation of new versions: Sen2cor 2.4.0 on SNAP 6.0

thank you sir .
i installed as u mentioned steps but when i run the file for sen2cor again it shows list index out of range

I saw from your screenshot that you already made a subset from your image. I don’t think that works, you should process the original tile of the S2 product

Thank You for reply …I tried without subset file (original file ) but my case its shows same error.

Finally i process sen2cor but in my output product some band are missing i don’t know anybody having solution for this error?