Sen2Cor - Band 8 and L2A_CAL_AC_GIPP.xml

I was looking at the L2A_CAL_AC_GIPP.xml file and I think that there might be a mistake in the resolution tag. I am using Sen2Cor 2.4.0 on a Linux machine and the file, which is located in ~/Sen2Cor-2.4.0-Linux64/lib/python2.7/site-packages/sen2cor/cfg, has the following resolutions:

      <!-- full width half maximum -->
      <!-- B8 -->
      <!-- B8A -->

The problem is with B8 which has FWHM of 14.4 nm instead of 115 nm which I expected. Is this a mistake?

I was looking at the configuration file because I wanted to see if it is possible to set an option to produce B8 (in addition to B8A) when running Sen2Cor at 20 m resolution. I read the other answers on the forum regarding missing B8 (e.g. SEN2COR-processed L2A data - 2 bands missed) but I think that having B8 could still be useful for some applications (e.g. estimating broadband albedo). Is there a plan to add this option in a future versions of Sen2Cor?


Hallo Rado,

thank you for reporting this, the band width given for band 8 in the configuration file is incorrect. We will correct this with the next processor update. However, this error has no influence on Sen2Cor processing, because this information is not used.

There is no option in Sen2Cor to include band 8 processing in the 20m resolution product. But you get it with the 10m processing. The most easy way to get both is processing all resolutions. Then you have band 8 and band8a at least within one product.

There are no plans to add this option in future, which would require a major product format change for no more value. You already can get both bands.

Kind regards