Sen2Cor Beginner question of the parameter configuration of <ozone_Content >

Hi All,

I am trying to develop a processing chain of Sentinel-2 data. Now, I have been working on the Sen2Cor for two days, to process L1C data to L2A data. I am completely a beginner of Sen2Cor.

In the configuration file (L2A_GIPP.xml), the documentation tag of <Ozone_conten> makes me confused.

It said “If the Ozone_Content is set to ‘0’ by the user, it will be determined automatically by the processor. In that case, the measured ozone concentration is read from the L1C input product (located in the AUX_DATA folder of each tile) and the LUT with the best fit for the measured ozone concentration is used. Other parameters possible are referenced in the configuration file.”

If I understood correctly, it means the ozone value is already recorded in the AUX_DATA folder of each tile. If we set it to “0”, sen2Cor will automatically retrieve this information from each SAFE folder.

I also went to the fold of AUX_DATA and found one file called “AUX_ECMWFT”. When open by texteditor, it contains all messy code. So, I am not sure what is exactly in it.

Therefore, I can’t determine whether it is good to set <Ozone_content> to 0. Because last time I tried set <Aerosol_Type> to “Auto”, the running time of Sen2Cor becomes much longer, as it does more comparisons of two aerosol types.

Please correct me if I am wrong.

Thank you.