Sen2cor Correction

While applying sen2cor correction in SNAP on sentinel-2 L1c product i receive this error “cannot find L2A data strip directory” how i solve this error
i install latest version of sen2cor 2.8.0 on my computer

where did you download the data?

from this link
i try in both standalone and snap

maybe you renamed the product folder after download?

The folder must look like this
and directly contain these sub-directories.

Any other file structure is not recognized by sen2cor.

some thing missing in my downloaded product i again download product and apply now it is run


Hello amir_ayyubi,

you may not delete any folder in the products downloaded from Scihub for processing wiht Sen2Cor. It sounds stupid, but even not if the folder is empty. The same Sen2Cor software is used by S2-PDGS for operational L2A-processing of Sentinel-2 data and provided for user processing like in the toolbox. Operational processing has a lot of requirements including strict format complience of the products. Therefore Sen2Cor has to check format correctness and fails if those folders are missing.

Kind regards

you can create a new directory with the same provided name and same path and will work fine