Sen2Cor doesn't function


I have followed all steps (guidance attached) to install Sen2Cor, and added to my SNAP. But it can’t be opened! Any comment is appreciated.! I have Windows 7.

error|690x246 how to use Sen2Cor within SNAP-1.rtf (55.5 KB)

The issue under investigation, pleas take a look at this post,

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Hi - We’ve found that while sen2cor will run and produce output, the resulting files will not open in SNAP. Yes, we have the most recent non-beta versions. I am running Windows 7. I’ve looked over the xml file, and all looks fine. Any idea what is going on?

Which one did you apply 2.5.5 Or, 2.8 ?

Basically you have different problem, but could you apply sen2cor from command line if you didn’t do that, in case you did, retry again with other product,

Similar issue is discussed in here, please take a look might be helps,

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Hi @HPWhite,

usually this problem is caused because a change in the format, but we made a module update some months ago. Are you sure you are working with s2tbx v6.0.4?
If not, try to update SNAP (Menu->Tools->Plugins->Updates).
If you are already using this version, could you please tell me exactly which is the product you are using in order to try to reproduce your problem? Are you having the problem with all the L2A products?