sen2cor error logs

I am processing high amounts of S2 data with sen2cor. Since I am doing that automatically, it is very important to catch all (for whatever reason) erroneous L2A data products, to either process again or exclude from the rest of the process.
I guess that is what this file in the L2A.SAFE dir is for: S2A_MSIL2A_20170723T101031_N0205_R022_T34WEA_20170723T101029_20170725T135547_report.xml ?
Since I cannot recreate all possible errors that could appear, is there some documentation or hints on how logfiles with different errors would look? Or is there some way to catch all different errors? or is there a file in the SAFE package that is only created after the full product has been processed?
Errors I could think of happening: no diskspace left on device, some file not found (ie the download of l1c somehow did not finish), memory error, etc.

I would appreciate all hints and help on the topic :slight_smile:
Thank you!
Cheers, Samantha