Sen2cor - execution fails: identifier 1C_ is missing

Hi there,
I want to use the sen2cor-tool to process a Level-2A Product. It seems that the sen2cor-PlugIn is sucessfully installed (after some trials and errors). Now, when I want to apply the sen2cor-plugin (in the menu Optical>>Thematic Land Processing>>Sen2Cor, fill the dialog and run) I get the following error-message: my-file.SAFE: identifier “*1C_*” is missing.
Does anyone know, what is wrong and how I can solve? The tracefile doesn’t help me. I am not even sure, whether the fault lies in the installation or whether someting is wrong with the downloaded data. Are there any hints?

Thanks a lot for your help!!

PS: until this step I use the tutorial:

Hi Silke,

it is quite easy to solve it. You renamed the S2-Folder right? Somewhere Sen2Cor is checking if the input folder is a S2-dataset with Level 1C and if it is not, then the processing is stopped. Your folders name should contain somewhere a “1C_” and you will not have this problem anymore.


Thanks a lot! Yes, I renamed the folder due to the problem with too long file-names and delete an important information. :wink: Now it works!