sen2cor fails to export WVP band / error in .py

Hi everyone,

I have a sudden error when using sen2cor : all goes well except in the very end when it has to resample the WVP band (i’m working in 60m resolution because of the memory issue, but the error is there for the 20m too) I have the error from .py that I did not have before. I have all the bands exported + AOT + classif but no WVP bands, and I really need this band so this situation is pretty crucial for me :smiley:

Progress[]: 98.32 : PID-10092, L2A_Tables: band WVP must be resampled, elapsed time[s]: 0.015, total: 0:04:11.044000
‘bool’ object has no attribute ‘astype’ Traceback (most recent call last):
File “C:\Users\Daria\Documents\Sen2Cor-02.09.00-win64\Lib\site-packages\sen2cor\”, line 2667, in exportBandList
band = band.astype(uint16)
AttributeError: ‘bool’ object has no attribute ‘astype’
Syntax error in metadata, see report file for details.
Schema file: S2-PDGS-TAS-DI-PSD-V14.6_Schema\S2_User_Product_Level-2A_Metadata.xsd
Details: Element ‘Granule_List’: Missing child element(s). Expected is ( Granule ).
Module L2A_T32QKH_A022170_20210604T101239 failed
Progress[%]: 100.00 : Application terminated with at least one error.

Did someone already has this type of errors ?
Thank you in advance if you can help!

edit : it seems to work very well when I switch the flag <WV_Correction> in the cfg file from 0 (false) to 1 (true). I’m currently searching for the explanation what this WV correction means, but if you have some hints, I’d be glad to know !! thx

Please post error messages as text. Screen captures are not searchable, so will not help others with the same problem find your post.