Sen2Cor in python / subset?

Hi all,
does anybody of you use the Sen2Cor directly in a python workflow and not within Snap? How to use it in this way?
And, is there a way to use sen2cor with a subsetted S2A scene?

If I am not wrong sen2cor can work only on original S2 products, but a subsetted S2A scene can not be saved as a S2 product, so probably it is not still possible to do what you would like to do… Is that right @marpet @Olivier ?

Thank you antoinio for your answer.
I thought that its might possible to use sen2cor via snappy?
Can anybody tell me if this is included in snappy?

I don’t know if it is possible because sen2cor is not in the SNAP API, probably you can do it only externally, calling it in the command window from python…but if anyone else can help it is better…

Hi, yes you can use sen2cor outside of SNAP, I am doing it. What operating system are you using? I am using it in Ubuntu 14. Are you farmiliar with Docker Containers? I can share with you my Docker image.

Hi lvhengani,
at the moment im working in win, but i can change to linux - thats not a problem.
It would be nice if you can share the docker image with me, im not really familar with it, but learning fast;)

Hi bjuhls,
please get the docker-image at
You will also find instruction on how to build and run.
To do this you must have an ubuntu or any linux-base os which supports docker and with docker installed.
If you also have git installed you can just pull from the repo build and run.