Sen2Cor in SNAP Hanging

G’day - I’m using SNAP 6.0 and Sen2Cor 6.0.2 on a Windows 7 enterprise 64 bit PC with 16Gb RAM.

Around six months ago the ‘then’ SNAP/Sen2Cor configuration allowed me to AtCor at S2-MSI-L1C to L2A without a problem.

As at 14th Nov 18 after upgrading SNAP (as I thought six months was a while ago in software terms) Sen2Cor always ‘hangs’. This is the presentation:

Sen2Cor creates a windows folder for the output - noted here after a few seconds from commencement:

But the folder and storage don’t change for an hour or more (after which I cancel the process).

I would value some ideas please as I have tried some similar resolutions in much earlier STEP posts - to no avail.

Michael Hewson
Lecturer Geography

did you check if all variables in the external tool adapter are still present?

Maybe a clean new install can solve it:

Many thanks for your advice - I now have things working after a complete manual ‘clean’ of the folders and a reinstall… Being a geographer I make a poor IT tech … Michael

Don’t worry, I’m a geographer myself - you can do it :+1: