Sen2cor in windows 10

I am trying to use sen2cor at images sentinel 2 downloaded from earthexplorer but i don t see any result in the same folder as the input.
It says:
Process exited with value 2
Finished tool execution in 0 seconds

The following you see in the image attached

Any ideas?

the image seems defect, can you please upload again?

which version of sen2cor did you use?
If 2.3, please have a look if you edited the variables correctly as described here: Specify system variable PYTHON_BIN for Sen2Cor

If 2.4, please have a look here: Sen2Cor 2.4.0, Stand-Alone Installers, How To Install

i used the sen2cor 2.4. 0 . I read the post but i couldn t find a solution. Finally i run the sen2cor from command window. it seems to work.

good choice :slight_smile: