Sen2Cor installation errors

Hi to everyone,

I am trying to install the Sen2Cor atmospheric correction. I follow all the steps that the installation guide provides. Although, every time I face the below errors:

  1. can’t open the python.exe file
  2. file: “No such file of directory”
    (see the following image).
    Could please anyone give me some solution about these problems?

Good afternoon Cat.Karag

I am not fully sure, but did you install Anaconda 3 with Python 3.x version? Sen2cor needs Python 2.7, as described in[L2A-SRN]%20S2-PDGS-MPC-L2A-SRN%20[2.3.0].pdf

Maybe this could be the reason for your error message.


Dear Andreas Baumann,

Thank you for your reply to my email.
I install the Python 2.7 version and I face the same problem.

Thank you in advance,
Best regards,
Catherine Karagiannopoulou

Hello Cat.Karag
I’m having the same problem as you in the installation of sen2cor. Did you find a way to solve the problem?
Thanks in advance

I really don’t know how I solve it … But after I repeat the procedure 3
times it finally worked.

Thank you for the feedback.