Sen2cor installation; "No module named glymur"


i atttempted to install the current sen2cor version on a new computer.
The installation finishes without error but when I try to run L2A_Process or L2A_Process --help I receive the error: ImportError: No module named glymur.

Did anyone else have an issue similar to this one? How can I solve it?

Log in as admin wasn’t enough, had to start the cmd for python install as administrator as well.

how i start the cmd for python “ install” as admin.
I only know how i can start the cmd.exe itself as admin (left click-> run as admin), but the command fpr Python ???
Please help.

starting cmd as admin should be enough

We had the same problem. Anaconda was not configured to use the proxy server.
We set system variables HTTP_PROXY and HTTPS_PROXY.

More details:

I am also facing the same problem. Could you please suggest me ,how can I fixed it.
PYA… Thank you in advance