Sen2cor installation problem: plugin missing in SNAP tools

Hi, I have followed sen2cor instruction and it seams correctly installed, but I don’t find the plugin in the SNAP tools. Can anybody suggest me what is going wrong? Thanks!

did you already check under Tools > Plugins > Available plugins > Sentinel-2 Sen2cor processor?

I am having the same problem. The installed sen2cor is not appearing inside the available plugins of SNAP. Any advice?

Yes I did. No plugins, even though from command-line sen2cor is installed properly (no error messages).

Have you already checked in the menu bar Optical > Thematic Land Processing > Sen2Cor?

thank you, I checked… not there.
I was able to run sen2cor from command line… solving the problem. Still, I would like to integrate it into snap… if i find the plugin…

I have the same problem as cinzia, trying to integrate SNAP 4.0.0. and sen2cor-2.2.1. Any hints please?

Is it appearing in the plugins section at all? If it has possibly go to Manage External Tools --> Highlight Sen2Cor–>Edit then make sure your paths are correct for #PYTHON_BIN, #SEN2COR_HOME and #SEN2COR_BIN under Configuration Parameters and System variables (this menu has had a recent update in v4.0 so it may take a minute or so to find what you’re looking forward).

Unfortunately, there is no Sen2Cor in Manage External Tools menu, so I cannot edit them.

It is located under the general Tools bar at the top. If that doesn’t work it must be an issue earlier on. Sorry I cannot be of any more assistance.

I know, got no tools available there. :confused: Anyway, thank you for your help. :slight_smile:

I am having the same problem as well. I have not encountered errors while installing Sen2Cor, it was successful. But the plugin does not appear in the plugins section, or external tools. Also using SNAP 4.0. Could be the version has an issue.

Hopefully we will find a solution soon…

Indeed the plugin is not shown any-more from the update centre. We’ll fix that asap.


Thank-you Nicolas! We will wait the fixed version, nice!

I am now running sen2cor from command line. I am having some problem when I process at 20 m resolution… for some strange reason it does not process B8, while it processes well all the other bands. I could survive without band 8 since I have another NIR (B8A)… but it would be nice to understand what is going on. I am processing three sentinel 2 images and it occurs in all of them, any clue?
Thank you in advance,

Hi cinzia.

How to run sen2cor from command line?


please check the manual in chapter 4.4.1, and also the explanation of @Fabrizio_Ramoino here.