Sen2Cor missing a file needed for processing?

Hi everyone, I have installed and used Sen2Cor without problems, but when I downloaded
and tried to process it, I encountered a problem. Apparently, I am missing a file in my installation :

Does anyone have a clue about this error or some suggestions what to do?


uninstall & reinstall

This seems to be a configuration issue. There exists no Lookup table for wv02_rura. I assume in the configuration file the following combination is used: Ozone content: h and Mid_Latitude Winter, which is an invalid combination (only t-y is allowed for winter). If you instead have used the auto feature for selecting the combination, then this it is a software bug and I have to investigate this. Please check first your configuration.
Cheers, UMW

@unic: no this will not cure the problem as the lookup table of that combination does not exist.

I used automatic recognition (at least I think so, i provided the config file for sen2cor so you can check)
L2A_GIPP.xml (4.1 KB)

Yes, first I thought it was something with my installation, but when I checked the unzipped install files (sen2cor-2.2.1/build/lib/sen2cor/lib), I couldn’t find the mentioned file.

Can anyone try to reproduce the problem?


I will have a look whether there is something wrong with the automated configuration. In the meantime you can workaround this problem in manually configure the look up table you want in the L2A_GIPP. See the according recommendations.

I can confirm that automated configuration is not working in some cases. This topic
describes another error I’ve had:

After varying the parameters Aerosol_Type , Mid_Latitude and Ozone_Content in the L2A_GIPP.xml,
I found out that the error only occurs when Aerosol_Type or Mid_Latitude are set to AUTO. This doesn’t happen with every tile of every image, but it happens. Trying to find out what was causing the error I added 2 print statements below line 3955 in

print("OZONE MEASURED: " + str(self.ozoneMean))
print("MID LATITUDE: " + str(self.midLatitude))

This is the error output:
L2A_error (11.1 KB)